* Excited to now have Pete and Kristian coaching, mentoring and educating me☕
I will start this post by acknowledging the people who have been so gracious with there time, advice and support over the last few months. I won’t name them but I reached out to a number of coaches trying to get a good feel of both what they offer and what I needed! This was an interesting process to explain my situation, goals and intentions for the future as it firstly revealed how disconnected from them I was and how confused of the path I’d become. 

That said each person I spoke with was supportive and most importantly not judgemental, in fact all provided great, honest advice! There are some amazing tri TEAMs and clubs out there who offer not just training but a community which is great for the sport. That all said in the end I connected with a coach, club and community that shares my goals and lifestyle commitments. 

After a day long invasion of his house about a month ago , I have started  working with Pete Lever from http://www.trispecific.com with a number of goals, the main one being regain HEALTH! Pete and Kristian Manietta have been an amazing and generous resource for those looking to delve into not only LCHF diet but lifestyle as well, reinforcing the importance of longevity and movement patterns.

The idea of having a coach that lives so close and shares so many belief’s about training yet goes about it much more strategic than myself is exciting. After a good month off,  Pete has definitely got me at a challenging time as my natural reaction now is to train, train, train, especially with Sunny Coast 70.3 just around the corner.

That said I have had to check the ego at the door, take off the blinkers and really look long term as this journey seems to contain two main lessons for me; Patience and more patience!

 After a really good break post Cairns IM including a month out of the pool, I have to remain realistic about my current abilities. That said, thanks to Pete I’m training on a different level already and can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter each week….