I may not always be in control of my physical life or events that shape it, however one thing that is 100% my choice is how I mentally view and react to any given situation. Do I view this obstacle as an opportunity to learn, grow and be better or an ‘excuse why life is against me’. Put simply am I going to choose a mindset of gratitude and take what is given or get angry at what I want but don’t have. 
My recent experience with completing a promotion course was a perfect example as after months of study, voluntarily attending training day’s I failed a component due to an incident that on initial reflection seemed out of my control and a mistake by others. It was a bitter pill to swallow as you only get two chances and then have to wait months to retest, however immediately after the day was completed and result given I made a conscious decision, one that has had a profound impact on my life in the last few weeks as I attach it to everything. 
Upon failing I asked the all important question, what do I have to learn from this in order to improve and pass? First step was to be humble enough to reach out to those that assessed me and seek more feedback, be criticised and then ‘be a problem solver!’

On the surface, which is where many act from it seemed like many before me I’d been done over by a marking system that receives more attention than most elections and let’s just say firefighters are brutal. However this wasn’t me, I refused to be drawn into the victim game and maintained the mindset that only I can pass or fail ME! 

Turns out the lesson to come from the experience was not the content knowledge in fact that was something I was complemented on. As I reviewed, questioned (some may say pestering) those around as to how I can improve. The answer came – Self Confidence, don’t just know what to do but have the confidence and belief to take charge and clearly convey what you require👊 
Needless to say second time round was a pass and after about 8months of study and games that obstacle is crossed and I can say that more than just a promotion course was achieved for me. 
Now the question is, how can I next get uncomfortable in life and grow again??