The most demoralizing aspect of my Cairns Ironman experience was that physically I wasn’t injured, sure I had developed niggling injuries  (another sign of over stressing the body) but nothing that would stop me from swimming, riding or running. Yet for about a week after that day I couldn’t find the strength nor energy to do anything other than walk.

The stomach issues I experienced in the 24-48hrs prior to race start settled within a day or two and towards the end of the week felt fine, another indicator that it was more stress related rather than bacterial although my immune system was pretty shot by then so could have been a combination. 

“The greatest lesson I received in the weeks after Cairns IM  from not training was to be comfortable and at peace with stillness. I could no longer escape via exercise, which left one way…. to be still and go within my own mind”. 

Over the past couple of years I’ve built up quite a library of blood test results and decided  although I couldn’t afford to get stool and saliva tests the basic bloods (bulk billed) would at least shed some light on my current health challenges. That they did, I was a hormonal mess which had lead to various other deficiencies, unsurprisingly my GP was a little confused and could only refer me on.. 

One thing I have learnt is that nobody cares about your health like YOU! (And maybe if you’re lucky like me your mum..) A few years back I started collecting my blood results to identify patterns and ironically try to prevent these helth issues. Hence the disappointment at discovering that my results weren’t just down, theh eete rock bottom (hopefully!), not before had my results been this way. 

Enter the most amazing lady I’ve met for a long time who from our first meeting was so calm, comforting and confident in the future. A humble naturpath working at my local chemist, she took my results and said come back in a week. This was perfect as it coincided with my mum arriving.

Now this brings me to the real point of this blog post, which is to ensure that you surround yourself with positive people, people that are honest in assessment but supportive in  action! Since moving to Brisbane I’d really isolated myself from the world and become to focused on a goal rather than the process and therefore become disconnected from the moment. 

I had to be given a real wake-up call to remind me the importance of life balance and being present which again is why I share this post as more endurance athlete’s seek that ultimate performance and seem willing to sacrifice all for it. I have since rebuilt my tribe in most areas of life and brought in people that are honest, supporting and like minded in this journey of health and happiness. 

This leads me to how I’ve now become p#allergictoaverage ☕👊