Just wow, I’ve definitely been feeling quite lost and disappointed since Cairns Ironman ( yep a good month ), today the above speech from David Goggins hit a spot. To appreciate the difference between motivation and being driven, to identify between being uncomfortable and being comfortable!
At the 18min mark he sums up a mindset that is truly required to succeed,

          ‘ I’m comfortable being very                        uncomfortable ‘

I also felt it was important to understand and listen to what brings him joy and happiness of the mind, at 29mins he speaks of the ability to fail, fail and fail before eventually succeeding! 

Greatness is whatever you create in your mind’ 

Take a listen, then follow it up with the MEL Robbins interview and then get working 🤛

Two quotes from Mel Robbins to get you interested,

             ‘ Motivation is garbage

 ‘ your life comes down to your decisions, change your decisions and you will change your life ‘