Self development


Growing up in Mallacoota, a small coastal fishing town on the south east coast of Australia, I fondly remember relishing swimming in the ocean, and by SelectionLinks” href=”#”>running on the rough trails near my home – I have always been an active and sporty type, enjoyed pushing my body and mind to its limits. I was heavily involved in sporting pursuits during my time serving in the Australian Army – namely Rugby League and elite level Golf to begin with then I discovered the world of triathlon.

I have since left the Defence force initially to follow my passion of triathlon while working as a personal trainer to now be a Fire Fighter. Over my ten year triathlon career, I have experienced the highs – two podium finishes at Half Ironman Championships, travelling and training in amazing destinations like Boulder, Colarado, and meeting inspirational athletes; and the lows – by SelectionLinks” href=”#”>financial hardship, mental & physical fatigue, all leading to depression and self doubt. I grew from both; finding encouragement through the highs, and inner strength and determination through the lows.

Last year I completed a Heath Coaching course with Intergtative nutrition and have continued researching areas of life such as mindfulness, self confidence, beliefs amongst others. Initially it was to improve my own self but now through by SelectionLinks” href=”#”>health coaching I hope to guide others as well!


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