What is becoming more apparent to me every day is the importance of developing a healthy appreciation for the stress work can bring into your life. Often when I get run down the first thing that gets analysed is training load or training stress, then sleep and then recovery protocols. 

But in the lead up to my recent health issues in June the main aspect of life that had changed for me was work, in the 65days leading up to Cairns IM I slept at a fire station 30 times. What does this mean? For me it lead to poor sleep hygiene and a constant tired but wired feeling. One downfall was not monitoring my training, its amazing what the mind will believe to get what you want. At the time I felt training was going well, I was “getting the session’s done” however looking back sure the physical work was being ticked off but there was no mental connection and outside of training no drive or desire to do the little things that make a big difference like yoga, walk etc.. 

Fast forward 9 weeks and what has changed to enable such a great experience at the 70.3 world champs on the Sunshine Coast? 

The obvious answer is getting a coach, which I have written about and definitely attribute much to Pete and his attention to detail, however another change has been my attitude and goals outside of triathlon and training. I have placed greater emphasis on keeping motivation and setting goals in all areas of life to ensure optimal health. 

Wheather you like your job or not it’s a choice to either turn up and perform or just show up. I have an incredible job and have always been grateful for it, however during my post Cairns review I realised that after 4 1/2 yrs complacency had begun to creep in. So like for triathlon goals were set to ensure I show up and not just turn up! 

I’m a firm believer in the idea that we have control of one thing, the outcome of that moment or should I say our reaction/action in the moment. If you act in a manner that takes you towards a set goal often enough then eventually you’ll get there, I’m learning this the hard way with getting my health back on track. As I sit down with numerous practitioner’s and specialists explaining how I live, the strategies and methods I use to manage stress, the answer is always “you seem to be doing everything right”. 

My immediate reaction has been frustration until the realisation hit me that if I’m doing everything right and not better yet….. it means keep doing everything right until I do!