Your life is built around your rituals

Over the past couple of years I’ve experimented with various morning/evening rituals and routine’s, some having a positive impact on my day others a negative. One pattern is the more complex or forced the harder I find it to maintain and fully embrace. Sustainable and productive rituals, routine’s and habits are built from your beliefs and full commitment to the process not outcome.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance“,      Bruce Lee

Often I’ve found myself overcomplicating the morning with poor intentions, with the mindset of “because it worked for someone else it should be good for me.”
As is a common theme for me it all comes back to being aware of resistance, asking the question “what do I need to do? ” as opposed to “what do I have to do?” Or even better is “what am I grateful?” This is probably the most common theme to all successful habits, whether it is a written journey, meditation or simply taking a few minutes to actively acknowledge someone or something you are grateful for.

The question then comes up regarding goals and the fact that to achieve a goal you might have to do a certain activity like resets, meditation etc.. to help recovery and performance. My thoughts would be if you approach any activity with the mindset of ” I don’t really want to do this but my coach, doctor, physio etc… said I have to”, that’s when maybe goals should be reviewed. I assure you those reaching there goals have to do things they don’t enjoy but never is it a struggle always a choice with a clear connection to achieving a set goal, which I might add doesn’t have to be your main goal but a goal.

For example, I include quite a lot of yoga into my life more for the internal benefits and spiritual health. For many this wouldn’t be seen as directly beneficial to Triathlons as its not swim,bike, run or endurance related however for me at times it’s probably more beneficial!  (yes a bit wooowooo but works for me)

Why? Because it’s my belief that to reach physical potential the mind must also be strong, along with developing a conscious connection between muscle and mind to maintain efficiency under duress. I use this example as many would not share this belief and would find greater benefit in using other techniques or methods to achieve the same outcomes.

I will finish by suggesting you take 10 mins out off your day and jot down what your rituals and beliefs may be and ask are they taking me towards or away from my current goals?