​I wanted to share 10 thoughts or better yet choices that are on my ‘To do list’ each day. 

*I have also created a page on the site under the heading ‘my to do list’ for quick reference😆

  1. Be kind (this includes to myself)
  2. Be receptive and open to new ideas
  3. Recognise and celebrate both mine and others achievements
  4. Be respectful
  5. Show forgiveness to myself and others
  6. Be thoughtful of others
  7. Always be grateful for what I have, its always enough
  8. Be responsible for my thoughts, emotions and actions
  9. Laugh a lot, maintain a good sense of humour – even at myself
  10. Be positive, hopeful and assume the best of each moment

The above is a list of things that each day I try to live by and be mindful especially in difficult or challenging moments.