” See the opportunity, rather than the obstacle “

Now I realise how cheezy this sounds due to the name of my wheels however, as I prepare for Sunshine Coast 70.3 on the weekend a thought came to me.

As usual after a nightshift I was sipping away on my long black prior to setting off on a ride and as I looked at my trusty stead all decked out ready to race I thought it really is time to #Evolv 👊, to make a choice between being an anxious athlete or an excited one.
I definitely don’t claim to have come up with this thought alone, quite the opposite actually. Over the last few day’s with reduced training and the usual pre race doubts coming in I’ve made a conscious decision to stay connected with those around me and ensure this race experience is positive. 

It’s taken a couple of lengthy phone calls to my mum and new coach Pete Lever ( http://www.trispecific.com ), who by this stage is possibly wondering what he has gotten himself into taking me on😆 

This will be our first race together and I’m quite excited to see where the body and mind are at, although its only been a few weeks things are definitely on the up. I had quite an extended period of time off after Cairns so started back relatively unfit and heavy, however we have achieved a level of fitness that will certainly allow me to reach goal number 1 of enjoying the day.

It will be a tough day on what is a challenging course filled with 3000 athletes striving to get the most from there body and mind, but I’m sure the excitement and energy of a world championship event with dull the pain🏊🚵🏃☕

Good luck to all.