The following is written by Stuart Walter, athletes secret weapon providing some information on exactly what he does and some tips that you could implement now and have results tomorrow. He has even includes a special offer at the end which I have used and found great success with🙏

By now in the lead up to a world championship event if you have not considered the importance of mindset and mental preparation… good luck!

You see at this level of competition, attitude is everything and all the training and eating and massage regime will be useless if your head is not switched on when it counts.  Hence my comment… good luck.

You do not need to look any further that the Rio Olympics to see the result of poor mental preparation and ability to deal with pressures internally and externally.

Granted a triathlon of any distance is not as critical to have everything perfect as you have so long for your event. For a 100m sprint as an example, if you miss the start by half a second, it is irrelevant if you are the fastest runner or not. In Triathlon, you can make up the time and to some extent you have it easier.

What if… you have a bad swim leg, your goggles fill up or your wetsuit zip splits?… with a longer event your mind can wander even more because it has more time to think, therefor more time to question feelings, performance and others around you.

Your result does not determine if you win or not… it is other people’s results also that determine this. You can have the best race and feel awesome and come in 10th, you might struggle with inner voice and thoughts, conditions and technical problems and still win.

One of the greatest experiences an athlete can have is to be ‘in the zone’ it is also potentially the most frustrating too, many spend the rest of their competitive days just to get back there.

So this elusive ‘in the zone performance’ how does it happen, can I recreate this and if so how?

Well, that is where I come in… I am a sports performance mindset specialist and Jarrod has asked me to provide some information for you, so your performance this weekend can be enhanced.

I am not a sports psychologist, their model of how they operate does not sit well with me. I do not care about your past, I am not interested in how your parents brought you up, I am not going to take you off to your ‘happy place’. I am a results driven practitioner and my methods are… who are you now, what is your potential and what do you need to change to make this happen?

Top 5 tips to implement this week to impact your results.

1 Relax, take the time 20 mins a day, no phones, no music, no devices, just sit and close your eyes and drift. This allows your mind to process all the ‘stuff’ you have in it. Initially you may find yourself jumping from one thought to another… that is OK, just go with it! After 5 days you will be able to do this easily.

2 Visualise, and I am sure you have heard all this before… coaches say it, it is in all the magazines and articles. Effective visualisation is more powerful than physical training at this stage of preparation. 1 hour of visualising equals 7 hours of physical exertion. That’s right, sit and visualise (the right way) and your results will improve.

The best way to do this is to imagine the best swimming technique, the best cycling technique and the best running technique you have and imagine yourself light and fast in all conditions and… magic happens. Our imagination controls our minds, our minds create the thoughts, those thoughts create actions and therefore… what we imagine, we become.

3 Be like a rubber band! How is that for a hot tip? A rubber band when stretched is like your muscles in stress, if you train in a relaxed way then this is the way you have to race to maximise the effort you have put in physically. If you get stressed, your muscles tighten, they lose all muscle memory of how you have trained, your technique goes missing and you have a greater chance of fatigue and injury.

Channel that inner rubber band, a relaxed muscle is a fast muscle, a relaxed muscle is a fast muscle

4 Remove the nerves and fears! Yeh, now you are thinking this guy is really nuts! When you ‘feel nervous’ it is in fact an emotional response to a thought, and then the focus goes on that and again the rubber band can break! This feeling of nerves, is it beneficial? Do you need it? some say it helps motivation. That is OK if it is positive energy like excitement… if it is negative like fear or nerves it can be catastrophic.

If you feel nerves, close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and focus on where it is in the body, head, chest, heart or gut. Focus on the feeling and position and question… is this helping me, is it needed? If it isn’t, take in a deep breath and pull it out of you and throw it away! It is only emotions.

This is a very quick explanation of a much longer and deeper process I work through usually, but hey… anything is better than nothing with a few days to go!

5 This is where Jarrod has kindly allowed me to share with you my published book, ‘The Dear Dairy Process’ it is a process where you can actually create tomorrows outcomes, feelings, actions and reactions in advance. It can change the way you approach those long distances and really have you enjoying the challenge of racing over a long distance. It has the ability to transform your life overnight. That is not an understatement.

If you think that this is something you would be interested in, please email me at and I will forward you the EBook.