Once you no longer live by your core belief’s or possibly even worse no longer know what these belief’s are, the concept of happiness, joy and fulfillment is lost as it’s the connection with self that brings a sense of purpose to each moment.

After well over 12 months of mental torment the most beneficial reminder was to always be clear on your own belief’s and ensure that each decision is made with these in mind! Add to that, becoming clear or aware of where your mind goes in times of pain, being physical or mental, do you stay present or immediately project into the future or past? 

Now to connect the two means that you are clear of how the outcome of a certain event will serve you and willing to allow the pain to come and pass without resistance rather than fight it, that state of flow. 

Since working with various mind coaches over the past few months it became clear that in times of pain I wasn’t staying present which therefore attached a negative/protective pattern into my brain. To withdraw from the moment and go back to a safe known place avoiding further pain, but also removing the possibilities that come from going into the unknown……

Since starting with Pete Lever  ( http://www.trispecific.com ), our main focus has been on consistency and health, developing a long term pan that will have me embracing the challenge, looking forward to not just training but racing, finding those limits and moving them FORWARD! 

This has tested my old belief’s around training and challenged me in new and exciting ways, however what’s been great is the constant flow of education as I constantly  (probably frustratingly for Pete) ask, “why? ” 

This is something I encourage every athlete to do, not to undermine the coach but to better understand what you are trying to achieve from that session, day or week. A great example recently came for me in the pool during a set of 20 *200, Pete had specifically noted intensity and outcome. After completing the first 10 I did a little body check and realized mentally I was checking out as physically I had more, from there the session took a new direction and I decided to add an extra 5 reps, why? To get the required stimulus from the session… is this right or wrong, I guess many will judge but for me it was right and I walked away knowing that I committed mentally and therefore physically!

 There is no BS with TS as both Pete and Kristian are straight down the line, no excuses just results leading to being #allergictoaverage 👊 I’m loving this honesty which at times requires slowing down and other times giving 100%

Feel free to comment on your methods of developing self as I’d love to keep expanding the knowledge pool😀