Well its been a long time since I blogged or spent any real time on social media and there’s good reason for that.

 When you get down on yourself and suffer setback after setback, one’s self-confidence and self belief take a big hit, especially when it comes to health as this is something I work hard on and seem to find greatest resistance……. here in lie the issue as I have now come to appreciate, the more you fight against something, resist or to judge the greater the attention becomes on that area of life. 

” Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself, or your judgment of others as it often reflects and becomes our reality ”

Thanks to the support and generocity of those both already in my life and those that have come into it, I now find myself in a much better place and no longer feel the world is ending, rather it’s just beginning! 

I have learnt that depression and anxiety are crippling conditions that can consume your life, I also now realise that many others live happy lives with the same challenges and they will always be there. The goal is not to eliminate, rather acknowledge, observe and move forward not allow that moment to consume you and last a day, week or even months. This has been a big factor in my decision a few weeks back to limit my exposure to social media and other distractions and not allow myself to escape what is, instead with the help of my good friend Maurice who has just launched his business http://www.skilfulthinking.com explore what is truly between my ears. (I will share more on this soon) He warned me it would get uncomfortable and it did!

I have made some great changes over the past few weeks and now feel like I’m in a good place to share those and hopefully help other’s who may experience similar challenges find ways to once again smile back at the world we live in. 

 Stay well, smile often.