Chrissie Wellington book, chapter 10! – Train the mind as you would the Body.

Since stumbling across Stuart Walter and his Program Athlete secret weapon a few weeks back, not only have I worked through some personal blocks mentally during the 8week online program but also picked up a few added tips along th way! First one came on my initial appointment where he asked, ‘ how much water are you drinking?’ Answer, ‘a few ltrs per day I guess’ but then as he continued to look at me I thought more and realised,yep no where near enough!
I won’t go into detail about the actual program except to say it has been transforming on a number of levels as I ask questions of myself that had often been thought but never documented!

I do want to share Stuarts second recommendation, read or listen to Chrissie Wellington book.
I’m nearly finished after a couple of rides listening via auidable and it is a fantastic revealing, honest and amazing book which has reminded me of a few key life lessons;
– even the best athletes in the world are human, confront problems and experience setbacks
– we all start somewhere, Chrissie shares an amazing journey from well before triathlon, revealing what most likely made her the person and athlete she is.
– Realise that preparations don’t need to be perfect for the outcome to be great, to listen about some of the mishaps prior to well just about every race ( in her words Muppet is her nickname )
– chapter 10 was powerful for me as she touched on the mental aspect of training, racing but also living as a full time athlete have and the importance of developing a great bank of positivity to draw from.
– for me the final and most profound take away was no matter which path you choose believe and invest yourself 100% to it! Either you devise a plan or employ the services of someone to guide you, regardless you must show unwavering commitment to the end.
For myself this came at the start of this year with ETPA and my coach Darren Franklin, who I’ve been coached by on and off for last couple years with inconsistent results to reflect my level of commitment. However at the start of this year I made a commitment to myself, my coach and club to set long term goals and strategies to become a better, more complete athlete.
The new path has me excited about racing in New Zealand next week, surprisingly to see just how well I’m swimming….. yep probably the first time since 2012 I’ve actually had really positive thoughts about the swim leg and not just thoughts of survival. That said it then leaves me wondering just where the run is at?
I know one thing its going to be cold! Lol
I do just want to add that to show full commitment doesn’t mean never ask questions as to why you’re doing a certain session or if long term goals are to be re assessed, commitment starts with the place and time under control….. Here, now!

Anyway this post has definitely gone in a slightly different direction than anticipated however I’m certain for those that read with an open mind will find some help here and for those looking to draw inspiration not just in triathlon but life do yourself a favor and grab this book!

Oh and I highly recommend checking out Stuart Walter at he provides a revealing, yet extremely rewarding 8week online program. (No I’m not affiliated in anyway just a resource I’ve found helpful over the past couple months )