‘The most important relationship you can ever develop is with yourself!’

I challenge you to spend one day listening intently to the words you use to describe yourself and importantly your situation. (Helps to carry a note pad)
Once identified we can then review this list of words and ask ‘are these words taking me towards my goal? Am I saying what I truly believe about myself?’
This can help to chang the way we think from constant judgment to one of awareness.

For example; instead of eating a donut and then judging yourself as a ‘failure’ or ‘lacking discipline’ to ‘how do I now feel? Since the initial satisfaction from taste how are your energy levels, concentration and mood. Then identify what option might have served you better and note that.
Remember we always have a choice, freedom comes from having the presence and awareness to make good or even great choices often!
To relate this back to sport for me its developing a more complete review process of races and training to not just ask,’did I swim, bike or run well?’ But how did I feel?
I vividly remember at cairns IM last year running great for 24km then after running out of my custom infinite drink mix turned to coke….. at 27km I felt pregnant, bloated to the max and therefore couldn’t keep enough calories coming in to maintain pace and slowed. That said I’m leaning from it and at Geelong 70.3 a couple weeks ago consumed no coke and ironically, no bloating😆
With that in mind I also know as Type A triathletes, over analysis is a main trait and in my mind a big road block! The biggest mistake now is over complicating the simple acts, eating, drinking and BREATHING!
Thanks to greater access to media and resources we seem to be getting smarter but not healthier, just attaching ourselves to self diagnosed conditions and limiting our true potentials.

It’s been about 3yrs since I had stomach issues and completely changed my way of living, Yet still I hold onto this story and belief which can’t possibly still hold true.
The cells in our body regenerate every few months, therefore if good healthy decisions and thoughts are made regularly then positive healing and growth will occur!