A simple statement from my oldest sister  (far left) has echoed in my head for days now and instigated some positive change…. in my diet! Now at first this may seem insignificant but what many don’t know is about 14 months ago she was 25kg heavier and not happy…. Now, after spending a couple days with her I’ve been re-inspired to be more mindful of not just what but importantly how much I eat.
I still remember our conversation vividly as I was out riding in the Townsville sun when she rang and possibly caught me at a week moment for that type of call.
Long story short I was pretty blunt about saying, ‘quit the excuses, the only person who can change you is YOU! Its not information but action that you need!’
Well, what has followed is inspiring and she deserves all the credit while balancing 2 your children  (plus an older one.. Ben), returning to work and various other things.
I won’t go to deep into this as it’s her story not mine to tell, but what I will say is she reminded me that eating is about being healthy, sure but possibly more importantly it can lead to inflammation when poor or regeneration when good!
This applied to me as over the last few weeks although I don’t really eat poorly, it was always rushed and often taking an easy supplent like a protein shake or nut butters instead of real food and started to become very bland and inflammatory.
I can’t thank her enough on so many levels for sharing those few days with me and now educating and inspiring me! In fact had her homemade Tahini slice as my pre race nutrition…. which I don’t think she knew and blamed dad for eating😆 whoops
This has also led me to be more aware of my thoughts and distractions like TV, around meal times, being more grateful for whats going in my mouth and how it fuels my body, mind and soul!
Its often said, ‘the gut is your second brain’. Of this I’m convinced, along with how we think can change how we feel and react.
For a long time now I’ve told myself and others the story of having stomach issues and intolerances, which I now realise thanks to some guidance from Stuart Walter (ASW), will always be there unless I chose to change that story……..
I will leave you with a task for this week, not to change anything, just note what your thoughts, feelings and actions are like around meals.