Let’s be honest here, as a kid it might be nice to ‘try’, but at the end of the day it really is an irrelevant word.
Because in real life there are two possibilities; You either choose to do something/action happens or you choose not to/no action!
Try is just a word we can use to make ourselves feel better after not making a good decision or not reaching a goal. A ‘safety net’, just incase things don’t go to our mind fabricated schedule…. it’s ok I tried.
Often this can just mask the lesson or feedback intended from that moment. Now I don’t say this as a way to discourage trying but rather to re-empower or restructure thinking towards, ‘I control my actions, thoughts, emotions and behaviors’. This is something confronting me at present, where certain events can leave you asking ‘why me, I tried my best’, or ‘this happened, how can I grow from it?’
To develop this mindset (which is definitely a work in progress ) takes patients, persistence and importantly clarity. Where do you see yourself being happy and what would this take?
Now, I fully expect most people to disregard this concept, which is fine as we all travel different paths and find answers in different places. I think the main point is to never travel the path alone, get support on your path to improvement, if nothing else it keeps you accountable and open about goals.
For me this comes from my amazing family who support me unconditionally and my coaches at #etpa who have helped to keep structure in life when all else changes. I’m very grateful for the patience, support and guidance from these people, as I learn to appreciate how tough life can seem when you choose to do it alone!
To finish off I’d like to touch on Emotional fitness as this is an area of development for me and its definitely something I have no issues admitting to getting help with. Again not everyone needs this but from what I’ve experienced in such a short time, it can open doors like nothing else! More on this once I get a little further down the path😆

* I just want to add a note here that what I write is based on my current journey, thoughts, and learnings which all change and develop over time. I share this purely to provoke thought for others to hopefully learn and be motivated to be the best version of yourself😆