True foundation’s are not just built, they are forged with blood, sweat and tears! Hard work sacrifice and commitment to a goal.

It wasn’t until my recent visit to the sunshine coast and a conversation with then Kona bound athlete  #damiancollins, that I remembered just what it takes to be a really good AG athlete.

Lots of hard work!  Not just physical but also the mind,  doing session’s that sometimes don’t challenge you physically as much as stuff with your mind. For many years I thrived on doing this; things like 6-7+hour rides with a little run after it or getting on the bike for an hour or so before long runs.

Over the past couple of years since experiencing various health issues I lost sightof what was truly required for ‘me’, to reach a physical and mental peak. On various occasions I’ve tried to increase the training but continually breaking down due to a clouded via on nutrition.

When my health issues started, I was told to cut out certain foods (fructose and starchy carbs especially ), to kill of bacterial infection. The issue was that I didn’t seek alternatives or have a plan just stopped and went down the low carb diet. This is definitely a good way to live for certain people and to treat specific ailments, but from experience its not as sustainable for myself.

About 8 weeks ago I started working with Phil Smith from Mass Nutrition Townsville and one of the first things we did was increase my carb intake to match work out put,  the most crucial aspect for me though was timing and understanding how to better regulate blood sugar levels.
I’m now in week 4 of the biggest block of training since pre Ironman WA in 2012 and feel stronger each day. (although tired and grumpy if you ask Tash) with less than 12 months to Hawaii 2016, the foundation is being built to hopefully improve and reach the big island again!

That all said yesterday’s long ride, found me at a few bus stops hoping my legs would arrive on probably the hottest, windy day in the desert that is Townsville or Brownsville at moment.



I did however exchange the red bull for a nexba; natural green coffee been extract drink and an artissian coconut and cocoa gel, after much criticism. Although when 60km from town at a service station anything cold goes well I think.