” In this modern day, complexity has become the norm and simplicity a superpower”….

Yet, “simplicity is the key to brilliance” Bruce Lee

Setting off on a nice long ride this morning after finishing a night shift at work, I found myself asking that important question of, why? I’m tired, its hot, windy, everyone else is just finishing as I set off out the highway. With no races or immediate goals on the horizon it left me thinking, why?

Then I remembered, training isn’t about a destination, it’s about a journey! The simple art of peace, serenity and spending time in nature and the freedom that comes with being healthy and active.

I have no doubt that races will be in my future but, for now its about bringing my attention back to now and be grateful for the journey that is life. To appreciate each moment and take responsibility for it ensures that each decision can be made with a positive attitude and a bigger picture in mind.

For me its about re connecting with my “why”, this means more than just racing, it means developing a mindset and body that is happy, healthy and committed to being better☺

Being back on the Sunshine coast reminded me how important it is to surround yourself with positive people, that share similar goals and aspirations. I can’t wait to be back down there, but till then its time to get some miles done!

Stay well and feel free to share your “why” or methods of re connecting.