* Digital scales now sit on my kitchen bench

Ok, first up it’s been a while since my last post due to a few changes in priorities and life direction. That said, one big change and commitment for me has been employing the help of a nutrition expert to get not just my body but also mind back on track. I bring this up because never before have I either, counted calories myself or recommend others do it as I figured eat clean good foods and your set.

Since working with Phil Smith from Mass Nutrition here in Townsville my views have changed considerably. It’s not as much what he’s teaching me about nutrition but how to implement strategies using real foods and the ideal timing of both meals and supplements for optimal absorption.
Its been quite eye opening to realise just how far off I have been with some of my dietary requirements, which have lead to a reduction in performance, not so much aerobic but anaerobic sessions and recovery from them.

But the best thing has been understanding how you can manipulate certain food timings to better regulate blood sugar, insulin and food cravings. The sad thing for me, is that much of what Phil has tought me are the basics that as an athlete should be addressed just like any other aspect of training. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to race out and start counting calories, weighing food and the rest but definitely get some advice as to how best support your current life and activities. Over the last few years since experiencing various stomach issues, I’ve looked into and done numerous gut repair protocols and tried various detox protocols, but never as meticulously as now and even though its been little more than a couple of weeks the difference is noticeable and welcomed! First time in a long time I can have a good meal and not experience stomach discomfort, minimal bloating and discomfort. Because of this I have also been able to once again control coffee intake as my energy is more balanced throughout the day.

As a health coach, personal trainer and avid athlete, its not been easy to admit that in all my planning, nutrition is something until now I just haven’t shown the respect it deserves. Not many swim, bike, run or gym session’s go by without a greatdeal of planning, progression and diligence to get the most out of it, yet the benefits can be amplified through helping the body recover, reduce stress, toxic load and inflammation.

I hope this gets you thinking of how best to nourish your body and get the most out of every day. I look forward to hearing other’s thoughts on this topic and maybe idea’s, strategy or methods to achieve health and happiness. Although confronting and challenging I look forward to having someone else help get my bodyback on track as having a great support network is so important in life!
Stay well