As I stomped away today on another strength and more importantly character building ride, two words came to mind; Performance & Position! (Ok so they probably came to mind thanks to my #custombikefit knicks)

Over the last 6 months especially I’ve worked hard on improving not just core strength but also the connection between upper and lower body.
I’m definitely not qualified  (outside of google that is😆) on fascial slings so it’s hard to expand other than to say how lucky I am to have a partner who is! Thanks to a program set by my girlfriend Tash I’ve slowly been able to develop a very overlooked area of my training and experience some great improvement. Initially it was aimed at overcoming lower back issues I’ve had, however its now transferring to swimming as well!
Now the reason I bring up position, is because its been a long time since I was able to get a proper bike fit and as the body changes so too should your position!
Two things I highly recommend are first seeking qualified assistance if you do want to improve not just core but whole body strength. Like with any training program get tested to ensure what exercises you do are specific and completed correctly!
Secondly, do yourself a favour and get a professional bike fit, too many people accept that cycling will be uncomfortable and lose power from something that can easily be fixed.
I definitely know that a visit to my friend Michael #custombikefit is needed!