Today I wanted to share a few thoughts to help guide you through a day of joy and happiness. Like most I constantly struggle with the idea or concept of stillness and silence, especially as my training reduces leading into a race, as I have more down time.
Its been interesting for me in the last few days to acknowledge just how uncomfortable being still, in silence or just relaxing had become. Training has been fantastic, however its left me feeling pretty tired outside of swim, bike, run and crosstrain. In fact, even yoga had been put on the back burner as I just felt to tired or time poor to commit another hour of my day to training. However the more I think about it, what truly had me avoiding yoga was the stillness, slowness and quite of a self exploring practice. Ironically everything my body mind and soul have been needing!
I must say a big thanks to Bec and Micheal from lighten up yoga for constant reminders in the most polite ways that I hadn’t been in to practice for a while. I’ve since been in twice in the past week and felt great because of it.

To help combat the go, go, go mindset I have used the following thoughts/ideas to help guide me towards relaxation and contentment with each moment;

– Stop rushing past life

– Let go

– Accept what is

– Look for happiness from within

– Be present with what is, where you are here and now.

These are just a few ideas to touch on, explore and expand to really find some joy with what you have, where you are now. Realizing that doing whats right for you is the most productive action and what will move you forward in life.
I hope these points will get some actions in place for you and as always feel free to leave a comment with ways you find useful in releasing the tension and stress of a busy life (mindset)
Stay well,