As children we live with abundance, not through seeking it but quite the opposite, by not over thinking or over complicating things.
As children we live for the moment, no judgement, anxiety, nervousness or stress. One moment to the next!

Compare this to adults, as we grow, develop belief’s and are influenced by those around us, the concept of abundance, joy, gratitude and relaxation become things we seemingly have to, “fit into” our busy lives. Always carrying the weight off expectation, anticipation and past experience into the present moment.
It seems so ironic that as adults we probably have just as much to learn from kids as they do from us. Don’t be afraid to be laughed at or laugh at yourself, explore, play or just sit.

For the past 3 months I have started every morning with a meditation practice, looking at various aspects of life from focus, appriciation, gratitude and of course anxiety or stress. I think the greatest lesson so far has been the realization that these aren’t things I need to learn, rather rediscover. To enter each day with excitement as if I’d never been there before….. because I haven’t! Look at each experience as if it was the first time, appreciate that stress is a part of life, like joy, sadness or any emotion its how we view and deal with these times that will control the impact it has on your life.
To appreciate that life is full of abundance and will always provide what you need, when you need it to best facilitate growth and development as a person.

This is definitely a topic I plan on exploring more and would love to hear others thoughts on how to redevelop, re program these concepts back into life.
Live clean, smile lots