Discomfort brings engagement and change. Discomfort means you’re doing something that others are unlikely to do because they’re hiding out in the comfort zone.” – Seth Godin

While mopping up today after completing another strength set combined with a couple of runs I found the above quote motivating and a great reminder of why I chose to hurt, to push and explore what my body is capable of.

4weeks out from Cairns IM I find myself in somewhat foreign territory as thanks to the guidance of Darren Franken my coach from ETPA, my bike stats are building to levels not experienced for a long time. Dont get me wrong I’m the first to admit that not many races are won on a windtrainer or Tuesday social ride but its comforting to now really look forward to those hard bike days and start to believe that my body is capable of much better.

Hope everyone is staying well and each day challenging yourself physically or mentally, getting out of the comfort zone and seeking better!