Lately I’ve had numerous people ask me about the Paleo diet and why I promote it, why I persist with some continued health issues people often ask the question if it really is for me.

My answer; ” if you want a different outcome, first you nust take a different path.” Not be afraid to try something different, yes it may and most likely will fail on numerous occasions, however from what I’ve experienced so far the potential for long term health and performance is amazing.

The first point to bring up is that I didnt choose this way of eating it just happened, after being diagnosed with a number of stomach issues my diet evolved as required to best heal inside out. After about 6 to 8 months of bumbling around trying to figue out how to replace all the calories and nutrients lost by removing simple carbs, fructose (fruits) from the diet along with most grains and potatoes (except sweet potato) all the while fighting that inner demon of “eating fat is bad for you “, I found some American websites that were into the Paleo concept. I’d already been using coconut oil but mainly for it’s anti microbial effects and taste of course.

I’ve never been a believer of diets so for a long time I fought the idea of paleo and kept on swlf experimenting without any sustained success. I will further delve into ossues I encountered in a future post.the until Paleo Cafe opened in Townsville. It was then I began to realise this was a lifestyle not just diet, to be complete you must train, sleep, eat, rest and above all play! Growing up in a small coastal town all of these concepts where nwhat my first 18yrs of life were about.

Now another few months down the track and yes I’m a very proud and passionate supporter/ambassador for the Paleo Cafe brand and what it stands for. Is this lifestyle for everyone.? Maybe not, that said the basic concepts of eat real food, manage physical/mental stressors, sleep more, train smart and play lots can be applied to all.

In my case being an endurance athlete its not the diet but exercise that leads to my health issues however, thanks to others on similar paths to me (but more educated) such as the guys at Trispecific, Vespapower nutrition, Fitter radio, Ben Greenfield, Joe Friel, Stephen Finny and so many others sharing there experience, knowledge and research its starting to come together…. slowly.

I continue to learn and discover more about what the body can and cant do, remembering at the end of the day its an n=1 experiment based on my personal goals and which may not work for all, but for me its worth the gamble as the reward of long term health is priceless.

I will continue to learn, listen to my body and discover new healthy ways to do a sum what unhealthy endurace sport of Ironman Triathlon.
Please fedl free to share your own experiences good or bad as I enjoy hearing about others on a similar journey of seeking health. (Doesn’t need to be paleo)

Stay well, eat clean live lean