Positive thinking isn’t enough!

Dont get me wrong creating a positive mindset and using tools like affirmations, meditation or visual cues are great. But, what I’ve found is there are further actions that need to be taken before real shift can occur.

Firstly you must believe that good can come into your life and that its something you expect. Each time your confronted with a situation, look for the good that can arise from it and how it assists in personal growth.

This leads to my second point of looking for good in not only each situation but person you encounter. We can learn from anyone if we choose to, that doesn’t mean absorbing or analysing every piece of information presented but asking, do I need this? How does this serve me?

The third point is to surround yourself with positive people, those with energy, motivation and drive to be better. People that will bring you up a level, bringing up rather than taking you down. Think of the last time you sat around complaining about something, or how a certain topic in the media had annoyed you, how did you feel afterwards? I bet it wasn’t energizing! Yet after having conversations about positive issues or topics, planning for future goals and ideas you always leave feeling energized and up beat!

Remember this feeling of positivity is always in you, its not something that we need to train, develop or practice, rather a choice we have with each moment.

Im the first to admit that seeing the positive and being grateful for each moment is not easy, or understanding why bad things happen to good people. One strategy I use is to ask how does this moment serve me? What can I learn? Not feeling as though everything needs to be immediately responded to, instead  taking a moment.

I encourage you to do this, especially at times during the day that you know have a negative influence on you. Ask how can I better deal with this to make it more positive, this sometimes seems impossible but persist and you will be rewarded.