Today I wanted to share some information about a treatment therapy I’ve been getting over the past few weeks to help with both athletic performance and also dealing with certain aspects of my job as a Fire Fighter. Bec Dore from lighten up yoga and the wellness hub first offered me a treatment prior to Melbourne IM and the results were immediate, don’t get me wrong it doesn’t make you run faster or lift heavy weights, but but the changes are subtle. I noticed clear thinking and a sense of letting go of certain mental burdens.
Below is some information about the treatment, if you want more I recommend checking out the website where Bec has some great articles etc, giving the clinic a call or dropping in and having a chat!
Please have a read and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear if others have had similar results from it…..

PTSD Article

Info given for Press Release

Hands-on therapy brings hope to veterans suffering PTSD


The worst harm to returned servicemen and women often happens quietly after returning home. Many find themselves always on edge, on the verge of panicking or exploding, others feel emotionally numb, hopeless and disconnected. The internalised trauma disrupts their capacity to enjoy a normal life, affecting their relationships with friends and family. There has been a four-fold increase in PTSD cases since Australian troops first went to war in Afghanistan in 2001 with the suicide toll three times that of direct combat deaths.


Local Business Lighten Up NQ is using Craniosacral Therapy to give hope to veterans suffering from PTSD. Unlike talking based therapies, Craniosacral Therapy is a hands-on treatment that works with the body and nervous system to provide relief from PTSD symptoms. While a well-established complementary therapy in the US it is only just starting to gain ground in Australia. Promising research conducted on 22 Vietnam Veterans in the US showed success in treating a variety of symptoms associated with PTSD after only 2 weeks of intensive treatment, including:


·       Insomnia

·       Depression

·       Flashbacks

·       Panic attacks

·       Long-term fear

·       Hyper- vigilance

·       Suicidal thoughts

·       Intrusive thoughts

 Importantly, veterans reported significantly less feelings of hopelessness. Regaining hope is a powerful change, as feelings of hopelessness are used to evaluate suicide risk: those scoring highest on hopelessness scales are significantly more likely to commit suicide.  In addition, all veterans tested much lower on the Depression Scale following Craniosacral treatment. Dr John Upledger, who conducted the research stated that “The Psychologist administering the was shocked at changes in such a short period of time”, explaining that it may be difficult to understand how a light touch physical therapy can provide such meaningful change to individuals suffering from PTSD.


Bec Dore, Owner of Lighten Up NQ says, “The physical body also stores trauma and Craniosacral therapy aims to release this to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve body health. We concentrate particularly on the reticular activating system (RAS) of the brain and spinal cord, which is responsible for the secretion of adrenalin and other stress hormones and biochemicals. When we can reduce this system’s level of ready alertness, both hypervigilance and hyperresponsiveness are significantly alleviated.”


The ADF says 8 percent of its personnel have PTSD although it is thought that many may not come forward. Bec Dore, explains “I am passionate about educating people on the complementary therapies that are out there to help them. Not everyone who has been through trauma wants to talk about it or take medications for it. For those that are comfortable with a massage like experience Craniosacral Therapy is a great option. My clients always report a sense of deep relaxation during and after the treatment session.”


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