So after progressively watching my swim times decline over the past 2 years from a 57min 3.8km @ IMWA in 2012, to 65min (wetsuit ) @ IM Melb and 70mins (speed suit ) at Kona I decided its time for honest evaluation. Its not like I wasn’t swimming often, usually 4+ session’s per week, anywhere from 3-5km. Sometimes more with weeks from 15-25km, however always alone and with little structure or intensity. In the last few months I’d rarely even time efforts as I adopted the, “what I can’t see or don’t know isn’t true” theory. Meaning without actually seeing how slow my times were it wasn’t true. Yep, its amazing what your brain decides to see or not in this case. That said on numerous occasions over this period I’ve had bright ideas of joining squads, filming my stroke and timing reps, all occured except joing a squad as each time the excuses would come out; once I’m fitter, once I’m faster, which squad or it just doesn’t fit my work/training plan. Over the last 12 months the focus has definitely been on enjoying running fast again (my favourite activity) and sorting out my bike so I can actually finish a race not feeling like a cripple, this left swimming as a leisurely activity necessary to get me from the start line to my bike. Here enters what I believe to be my current situation, poor mindset and attitude once at the pool. Becoming content with just swimming instead setting challenges for each session. Fitness isn’t really the issue, nor strength but conditioning physical and mental work in the pool at race intensity. Now its all about to change, last week it finally happened, I put my ego in a box, swallowed my pride and joined a swim squad. Yep I was in the 2nd slowest lane along side some 10-13yr old kids being made to look pedestrian. But by the end of the session I’d completed sets and times that alone wouldn’t attempt or think possible. These kids taught me a couple of great lessons in one session; working hard when needed but also having fun, giving 100% to each effort then letting it go and engaging in friendly banter and never being hooked up on whats been or whats to come. Needless to say I look forward to the next phase of training and glade to have finally overcome that inner demon and moving forward…. slowly🏊🏊🏊🏊 Stay well, stay healthy