Now, I’m not an expert on this topic and don’t for a second believe to have all the answers, however over the last few months I’ve searched for and found a couple of methods to better manage or view stress both mentally and physical aspects.

As I mentioned in previous posts meditation and breathing have been big for me in dealing with times of stress and although it cant be directly measured, I can definitely notice the difference between starting the with some deep, purposeful and mindful breathing and a morning rushing out the door with no initial thought or purpose for the day.

That said the biggest shift has come from changing the way I view stress and anxiety, no longer fighting to find a stress free day/life or reducing all stressors, rather appreciate that its a part of life.

Think of a life with absolutely no stress, sounds good until you realise that physical stress can be something like gardening! A very mentally rewarding task with physical stressors. My point being stress is neither good nor bad yet necessary for personal growth and development. What we need to do is better focus on how the mind processes that incoming information or situation.

A really helpful exercise for me has been writing down all perceived stressors, my current views (manageable, overwhelming etc ) and how I currently deal with them. Sometimes this can uncover certain areas of life you didn’t even know were causing stress or worry. Next visualize each situation, however this time see yourself better dealling with the same situations. Example is when in a confrontational conversation, pausing take a deep breath and thinking how can this situation best serve me. Do I fight my case or chose a different path, how important is it for me to be right (or seen as right, ego related).

Try this out next time your feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remember you cant control what situation confronts you but can always control your own reaction.
A couple of resources I’ve found usful are; Headspace (phone app), The Motivation Manifesto book by Brendon Buchard, which I use as a constant resource, most importantly my girlfriend as I find thise closest to you generally see first hand what brings the most stress.

Importantly remember its one thing to identify possible issues, but the only way to change them is via action! Dont over schedule or over complicate life and always enjoy the journey.
Above all have fun, be grateful and act your true self always.