After analysing my physical performance at Melbourne ironman, I wanted to delve a little deeper into the mental aspect.

The main questions being where does the mind go pre-race? In those last few days, What leads to self doubt even though you’ve quite often done the activity before, in most cases trained for weeks if not months yet still doubt.

Almost daily you hurt or are uncomfortable in training yet always continue, however in races thoughts of stopping creep in.

It got me thinking of how quick we forget the achievements accomplished each and every day both athletic and in life. When did you last celebrate, actually take 5mins at the end of a training session or completion of a project/task at work and say, “wow I did that”.

I remember reading an interview with Craig Alexander, multiple Hawaii Ironman winner, along with amazingly generous and humble man. He spoke of something his wife suggest one time when he was suffering some pre-race doubts. It was to go back over his training log from the weeks prior and appreciate or acknowledged the training done.
This is a fantastic idea, one I believe should be done weekly as well. Why? Because when reading you slow down and the mind must see, process and translate the words.

The results from this little 5-10min exercise improve confidence by developing better self belief and improved view of your own abilities.

Not just in sport but life in general try over the next few days to bring back the celebrations, no matter how big or small the achievement, pause for a moment to reflect and acknowledged “I did that”.