Today id like to expand slightly on some lessons I received from both the lead up and race day in Melbourne. However I do want to add that none of the following are excuses or me talking down the race, just some ways to improve, grow and progress in both Triathlon and more importantly life.

First lesson came about 4weeks out, a DNF at Geelong 70.3 and huge doubts about two things; my mental ability during races but also physically. I felt horrible and deflated in front of my family and friends. It sparked doubts about the nutritional path I’d chosen for both health and performance of LCHF and if it was right for me!

Corrective action; Now instead of laying out what exactly was wrong I’m going to speak of what actions I took.

Why was I so flat, tired and unmotivated? First was to see a doctor and get bloods done as I was sure something was wrong, in the lead up i was sleeping 9-10hrs a night and still tired followed by constant aching in joints and a lack of recovery. Enter Dr Chris Ball from sports clinic NQ, Ive mentioned Chris a number of times and thats for a reason, he’s awesome, but also very patient and for that I’m extremely grateful. Together we went over the results and formulated a plan.

Reach out; Next step was for me to dig deeper into the LCHF world and ask what was I missing? This meant researching who was doing, succeeding and exploring the same path I was. Well, this was the best thing I could have done, anongst other resources I found & The Fat Black podcast by Peter Lever and Kristian Manietta. What was even more amazing is that after a random message to Kristian pleading for help he then offered up some time via Skype, this conversation was a game changer for me and one I’m extremely grateful for. These guys are really doing some fantastic work and sharing some great information. Ive since made some slight but critical changes and highly recommended checking out Point here…. your never alone, life might be a n=1 experiment but that doesnt mean you do everything for yourself. Reach out to others that are where you want to be.

Healing time; Next was getting sorted with the best health supplements to get the body back on track in time for an Ironman. As always I turned to Paul and Jo from Healthy life here in Townsville. I did have Paul slightly stumped at first but within 24hrs he had the information required and a plan to implement which helped get the body repairing.
*I will note supplements are that and first priority was reducing stress by resting/sleeping more, less coffee dates out chatting in the heat and more relaxing activities, walking, yoga (under the lamps at lightenup has added benefits too, check out the website to see the various health issues that can be helped also google infrared lamps ) etc… Things to lower cortisol and improve healing.

Race week motivation; For the first time since starting my ironman journey qualification for Hawaii wasn’t an option regardless of my position, this along with not feeling in great condition, or more specifically not sure what physical condition I’d be in by race day it made me feel slightly deflated about racing and second guessing if i should have taken the advice of others and skipped Melbourne focusing instead on Cairns. For me that wasn’t an option as flights, accommodation, race entry and most importantly family were all booked in! Enter my amazing parents, right from the moment i met them late Thursday night after delayed flights lost bike/bags I found a reason. They greated me with smiles, hugs, warmth and love, reminding me that its about smiling, enjoying and embracing the opportunity to challenge yourself with 2500 fellow athletes. They asked one thing of me, to smile and enjoy it! This reminded me that racing is so much more than just you, its about repaying loved ones, friends and even strangers who support you every step of the way. Thousands turned out race day to cheer us all on, to them every person regardless of position were winners and cheered with might. Lesson here is to race without ego and stay present, mindful and grateful for each minute of pain or joy as so many never get this chance.
Ill leave you with a final thought of, how do you stay motivated in life? What challenge can you take on to ensure that personal growth is always occuring??

Stay well, stay grateful