As I share the different treatments, practitioners and methods I use to help maintain the body, I thought it would be good to give some points on each and what they do, how they do it and how it can help. 

First up comes from my osteopath Nicole Bates; she works from the new wellness hub here in the Townsville CBD, the following are some points about what she does;

Points to mention

– works both the muscular and skeletal system, as well as the nervous and visceral (organs) systems too- HOLISTIC

– all hands on diagnosis and treatment

– not prescribed/textbook treatment, each person treated depending on what the complaint is and what will work best for the body at the time- ***mindful of training schedule etc

– will work with you to get the body functioning at its optimum

– uses massage, stretching, joint and spinal manipulations, as well as some gentle techniques to ‘fine-tune’ the body

– able to identify old injuries and subsequent compensation patterns that may be hindering the bodies abilities

– primary focus is on getting the structure ‘right’- good structure= good function