The lead up to Melbourne was very different to previous races which left me feeling uncertain about what the day would bring. 

To clarify about 4weeks out I traveled to Geelong 70.3 race and DNF’d, at this point my body had shut down, I was sleeping 9-10hrs a night, resting and still felt tired! Upon returning to Townsville, first stop was sports Doctor Chris Ball, very grateful to have access to such an amazing doctor who conducted various tests and found some answers… The main one being Anemia. After racing in Hawaii last October we then had a really hot summer in Townsville which I believe led to such a drop in levels however it’s something Chris and I will now monitor that’s for sure!!! 

This setback meant missing a good 3-4 weeks of key training in the build to Melbourne and as I mentioned left me feeling uncertain about what my body would produce race day. 

***Please don’t take what I’ve said as any type of excuse or reason for my performance which I’m very happy and proud of, however I want to share how quickly the body can go from healthy to not even when you are monitoring it! 

That all said I woke Sunday morning feeling great, ready and smiling, looking forward to sharing a sunny Melbourne day with 2500 other fellow athletes pushing their body and minds to new limits and new possibilities. 

I had experimented with a new diet leading up to and on race morning, completely different to conventional thinking (very practiced in my training) and would potentially make or break a race, thankfully it made it! 

After meeting up with the guys from Tri club ETPA, Matt Tippet gave me a hand to correctly fit the wetsuit, which felt great, however I did it no justice and swam, well poorly. Getting onto the bike I felt good, the first lap into the wind for me was about conserving and controlling power output, plus getting calories in, once at the turn point it was sails out and flying back.

My first mistake came at the start of lap 2 where I decided not to wait at the special needs station while they rummaged around for my bag. Although not crucial as there was on course nutrition, I’ve found my custom infinit mix to be amazing and with about 30-40km to go would have liked some extra to start what proved to be a very tough run. 

Once off the bike and onto the run course it was grind time, my feet hurt from the start and the cambered road made things worse. That said I found a good rhythm about 2-3km in and started focusing on my first target of Mordiallic and seeing my parents faces, enjoying a quick jog and high five with my mum before hitting the path and picturing that amazing finish line, the atmosphere and most importantly my parents faces once again. 

As expected about 20-22km in my quads started to falter as I just hadn’t done the quality training required to run fast, but after such a good bike I wanted to roll the dice and push for all I could, in the end I had to walk most aid station finishing with some stretches and then continuing. 

Definitely not a mistake but had I taken it a little easier at start maybe the back half of run may have been better but I committed to going my best and discovering that days potential. In the end I finished about 10mins quicker than last year and just missed a top 5 age group position. (did get the asics 1km prize )

As for every athlete that raced I had so much support and wish to thank my sponsors Paleo Cafe; Jai, Marlies & Kymbo your unwavering support is what fuels my racing, training and constant desire to eat clean and live fully! Rocktape Australia; this tape is the best facia lift you’ll ever get. Lighten up yoga; Bec & Brendon your generosity is amazing and makes yoga classes possible for me. Custom bike fit; Micheal Baker you continue to hurt & challenge me in the best possible way on bike and after 18months it’s starting to pay off.  ETPA; Darren and Matt, thank you for welcoming me back into this amazing club and community, I look forward to the challenges ahead in 2015 and beyond! Finally to Madds Larsen from NQ Tri supplies; thanks to your help I went nearly 20mins quicker on the bike!! 

I’ve taken plenty from this race as I look to Cairns Ironman in 12weeks, most of all is to enjoy, embrace and express gratitude on this amazing day as so many never take, make or get the opportunity. 

Finally to my parents David and Terrie; your support is invaluable and unrepayable, for that I’m so very thankful and grateful. 

For now it’s back to work and reallity😁

Stay well, stay healthy