I was rather interested to listen recently during a class on The Nutritional Power of Connection, which stated that negativity is actually the brains initial response to an event, moment etc. meaning it would be a persons ability to then change that with a second more connected response which could lead to positivity. 

 Hence as I’ve mentioned in previous posts that creating that moment of mindfulness between receiving information and acting is so important. Especially when it comes to actions that will lead to instant gratification but long term regret! I’m not just talking diet either, this can be the need to be right in a conversation, exercising more when long term it would be better to rest. 

Over the last few months I’ve explored this concept via meditation and developing better self awareness, not judging but noticing how I react to certain events, different situations (good or bad) and even comments from others. I think when communicating with others is always a great area to analyse afterwards to truely discover, understand and improve behaviour as quite often we react with the need to be right or to please others rather than what’s true to ourselves. Also how I deal with certain stresses and emotions like financial, physical, emotional stresses or things anxiety. What I’ve noticed is that like a physical muscle needs time to develop so does mental patters and behaviours, for example I use an app called headspace each morning for my guided meditation and one program is a 30day anxiety focused course which has really helped me understand that it’s not about never being anxious but about dealing with it more productively. 

It’s a fantastic exercise to spend a day or two (even a week) really focusing on your own reactions, don’t do it with the intention to change anything at the beginning, but to observe and learn. I’ve found it most effective when you keep a journal at the end or beginning of each day just to reflect back on at the end of each week and identify patters, then if you find certain situations that keep arising and your not happy with how the unfold, develop a mindset or visualise the same situation but with you reacting in a more desirable way, remembering it may not change or work the first, second or even third time but if you are patient and persistent change will occur!