After giving a motivational talk last week to some members of the lightenup yoga and anytimefitness 8 week challenge I decided to share some of the points I touched on;

1) What is motivation?
– literally “the desire to do things.” It is the crucial element in setting and attaining goals. Research shows we are able to influence what motivates us, how motivated we are and our level of self-control and discipline.

2) Take a moment to identify exactly what motivates you right now and what you are motivated by? (i.e. for what reason – or rather, what motived you to read this blog post?)

3) Next have a think about what your past motivations have been to pursue specific goals or actions in life. Were you motives successful and did you get to where you wanted to be? If you were successful, did you continue to use the same motives to achieve more? Or if not, what has changed…

4) Now, consider the concept that the key to sustained motivation lies in how we communicate with ourselves – how we see, value and treat ourselves

Remember – Motivation is fundamentally about changing your attitude, developing a “can-do” mindset towards yourself.

5) Schedules over deadlines to achieve goals.
Instead of having the thought of “I must lose 10kg” or “I must run 10km in 10 weeks time,” which constrains you to a success/fail mentality and ultimately drives a motivation borne from fear of failing to meet the self-imposed deadline; set yourself a schedule which allows you to break down your master goal into smaller, more attainable packages. So using the example above, this might mean focusing on a healthy meal time and portion schedule each day, or scheduling in three runs per week. This has the dual benefit of a delivering a sense of satisfaction each and every time you complete the meal or run which then also motivates you towards the next scheduled task, and the next and the next, until your master goal is achieved.

6) Be flexible.
Learn, listen and be flexible with goals; if you have setbacks, take time to re-evaluate! BUT, always keep to your schedule. By this I mean, from the example above – you may not always have the time for a 30-40 minute run, but can you achieve a modified goal by doing say 10 short windsprints…This maintains your schedule and motivation even when the situation is not ideal.

7) Be committed to caring for your body.
Decide the type of person you want to be – Healthy, happy and grateful.
Prove it to yourself with small wins – smaller wins is more conducive to consistency, which is again breeds motivation and ultimately success!
For example, if you are committed to losing weight for you health, prove it to yourself with small steps – literally move more by taking the steps instead of the elevator or park your car further away from where you work in order to walk further! These are small wins, which after time with consistency, add up to great gains by helping you maintain motivation.

I have three questions to leave you pondering:
1.) Who do you want to be from this moment forward?
2.) What will your plan of action be?
3.) What steps will you need to take to get there?

Final thoughts:
• Include your family and friends – successful people have supportive networks
• Choose freedom not fear – we must not worry about what could go wrong, but rather wonder what magnificence could enter our lives when we are consistently expressing our genuine selves and pursuing our true passion
• Don’t stop out of fear of what others think – be free to move forwad be your best self!