Often life challenges us and presents us with situations that can either teach a lesson or create a belief that it’s all to much and send you back to the known comfort zone. The following is a little method I use not only in training but, any life situation where I might be challenged.
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, to me being mindful, grateful and happy isn’t about blocking negative or unhelpful thoughts, rather asking the question why? What has made me feel this way? How does it serve me? Most importantly what can I do to let this go and move forward, free of judgement.

Next time you are in a testing situation try the following exercise;

Steps to coach yourself through a tough situation;

1 – Take a breath

2 – Ask yourself “What are you feeling right now?”

3 – Determine “What is the outcome I want in this moment?”

4 – Decide “What is the thing I can do in this moment that is most likely going to get me through?

Always remember we cannot control the situations that are presented to us, but we can always control our reaction, and therefore the outcome.

Chose to learn from, not loath tough situations.