As I continue to review the past few weeks I’d be lying to say that the thought of “is this right for me” didn’t cross my mind. I think after any set back you need to honestly review each area of your life unbiasedly And with an open mind. So often we continue with a certain exercise program, diet or supplement because it works for someone else, marketing has you believing it’s a magical cure for your situation or your convinced it just has to be the right way.

Do you think your training to much? Not eating enough? Not eating the right things? Go out and relax? These are all comments I often get and need to be prepared to answer.

That all said, I truly believe yes the Paleo diet ( with a couple of slight addition to accommodate life) is right for me! But more importantly the “PALEO LIFESTYLE!” Over the past few weeks it’s not been exercise or nutrition that has let me down as much as self care, practicing stillness and taking time to look after myself mentally as much as physically.

So what have I done? The first step was to review what stressors I have in life ( some may laugh that a guy with no kids could have stress but yes I do:-). Next step is how to reduce or even alter my perception of these stresses. But I think one of the best things has been returning to regular yoga practices, it’s such a rejuvenating activity for mind and body in an energising environment. I will give a shout out to lighten up yoga here in Townsville, Bec has supported me over the last few months and I’m very grateful for that.
Last but not least I’m sleeping more, yep it’s the most underrated activity there is and the first thing to be sacrificed when life gets busy.
Now I have about 3weeks to prepare the body and mind for a trip to Ironman Melbourne.
Stay well, eat clean and move well