After receiving my blood test results last week I’ve had to reach out to a number of people for advice and guidance to find a path back to good health.
I bring this up because its interesting to observe the choices we make and the people we empower with making certain decisions, regarding our health.
Thanks to the Internet and Google we can search and find answers to any topic of concern. This is a fantastic tool and can be very empowering for those in need, however I see one big problem, what information can you trust!
Reading reviews can be helpful, but then again how do you know there honest, unbiased reviews? It’s scary but true to think businesses or companies will pay people or worth create identities to endorse there product. This is a big flaw in the health industry itself, where with enough money companies finding(or funding:-) the results the want to support there so called health product, or at times to point out flaws in there competitions products.
Now I like most don’t really have the time, nor the patience to sift through studies searching the truth. Here Is where I believe a good health shop, Natropathy, nutritionist or supplement store comes in. Now I’m not talking about the ones that want to sell that latest greatest miracle but ones that listen to your needs, assess and then suggest ways to help. I’m very lucky to have such a resource and as he has access to all the companies ins and outs, product disclosures and studies can provide me with great advice and literature to support it! Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll get him to provide some information to you all about finding, selecting and using such products. Till then read up, learn heaps and take charge of your HEALTH!

Ps love my library at Paleo Cafe.