As I reflect on recent times and events, the question is always how can I use them to learn, grow and develop as a person. The biggest lesson has been just how much attention, duration and repetition it takes to create new habits, new neural pathways. After spending months on developing a strong and positive mindset leading into Hawaii IM last year and then Challenge Foster, its one area that I’ve not continued to be mindful of and develop. Like any muscle or skill if you don’t use it, you lose it. (or it diminishes)
I believe the best goal one can set is to continually improve as a person, to learn new skills and expand current ones, to often goals are based on weight loss or sporting achievements which are great however I think its important to align other goals with them.
In training for Hawaii IM I developed a great mindset which each day I would build on, visualising not only positive but also negative situations so I had the skills to deal with both. Where I’ve fallen short is continuing that skill development, prioritising it when other life factors came up.

*may point here- always prioritise self development.

Next step in my review is finding out why my body is once again shutting down, over the past few weeks even with a very good diet (Paleo based of course:-) I’ve noticed aches and pains that just aren’t going away and a constant feeling of tiredness, leading to excess caffeine (my biggest weakness).
I’m really lucky here in Townsville to have access to a fantastic, well researched and pro-active sports doctors, Chris Ball (Sports Clinic NQ). Chris has worked with the Cowboys for years and also supported national teams, so he knows his stuff!
As my gastrointestinal problems hadn’t settled by Monday arvo I thought it time to visit Chris, from here we have conducted various blood tests and thankfully found some answers. I won’t delve into this to much as its not my area of expertise but, have learnt the importance of iron when training in hot climates!
* big lesson here is to be more pro-active with monitoring body needs and training conditions.

I’ve also conducted some more research into LCHF diets and endurance training, getting some great info from Kristian Manietta @, also at his and Pete Levers podcast the fat black, two great resources for LCHF diet followers!
At the end of the day, regardless of what lead to Sundays result, I’m still bitterly disappointed, I believe everything happens for a reason and to teach us something about ourselves , but we always have choices and with only a few weeks to Melbourne IM, rest assured I plan on making better choices, leading to better results.
I don’t want to leave people with one thought regardless of what level athlete you see yourself as, realise that training for triathlons or endurance events is taxing on the body so spend the small amount of time and money on blood tests and monitoring your bodies needs to assure the sport you love and do to keep healthy is actually doing that!!
Stay well
Also just a quick thank you again to those that support me and who I represent, Paleo Cafe, lighten up yoga, Rocktape Australia, custom bike fit and living here. Very grateful for your support.