After 2 days of disappointment, reflection and post race assessment after another DNF, I must first say thank you to my amazing family. Especially my two sisters whom I’m so proud of for there achievements as mothers, partners and roll models to there young families, they could both see the hurt in my eyes as I rolled up on my bike and welcomed me with warm hugs and words that meant the world to me. Unfortunately, Sundays race sore the return of some health issues I thought were in the past but clearly are not. I take full responsibility for my health and preparation for not only this race but each day. Over the past few weeks I haven’t practiced what I preach and fell back into some old training habits which have seen my body again shut down, Resulting in another DNF on Sunday in front of those I love the most. Not only that letting down my amazing sponsors who have supported me in this journey.
My disappointment is mainly due to lack of discipline to do the little things like monitor training, listen to my body and prioritising pain free movement and recovery, instead choosing to do extra bike, run or swim sessions. This wouldn’t be wrong if those sessions were completed at the specific intensity required but generally they were JUNK km’s. Falling into the trap of, I’m doing Ironman therefore need to train more to get better, its rubbish! Now admittedly there were a few other life factors that contributed to my body being so rundown, but again all factors that I can control as I encourage others to do the same.
A big lesson and reminder is that stress both physical and mental will always be a part of life, however by not properly managing it and allowing the mind to make matters bigger than they truly are is where most including myself fall down. It comes back to some very wise advice I was given from good friend and mind coach Maurice, ” there are no problems, only situations”. This applies not only to sport but life, as no matter the situation we always have what is needed to overcome and grow from each moment…… If we chose to that is!
From here I have 5weeks till IM Melbourne, but more importantly I have an opportunity to grow, learn and improve on what has just transpired. The trip itself was one I shall never forget, seeing my little sister after 3yrs, meeting her baby girl for the first time and also getting the opportunity to see my father after his recent health scare, to spend time with my big sister who I’m proud to say is living paleo since visiting Paleo cafe Townsville city and seeing amazing changes in her body because of it! I think what makes not finishing Sundays race so hard to swallow is not crossing the finish line with them all there.
But life moves forward and we grow from it!
Stay well, stay healthy and I look forward to a much better result in 5 weeks time!