Just wanted to share a few tips, ideas or crazy habits I’ve developed over the past 10+ years of travelling to triathlon events around the world (just to add very grateful for these opportunities and experiences).
Firstly, after a busy week my prior preparation and ideas to be packed early went by the wayside and sure enough favours we’re called in especially thanks to the crew at Fastcat bike shop in Townsville for getting my bike kitted up for the weekend, really appreciate it! Also to my good friend and chiropractor Gareth from ChiroNorth your a legend and insured this crippled body is roadworthy for the event. (Also shouted him a bulletproof coffee, first impressions seemed good, hope ya fired on the bike afterwards).
Now my priorities aren’t always great with travel and after rushing to get bike packed I scooted off to lighten up yoga for some stretch, relax and recharge time which was fantastic, packed class of about 30, brought great energy and flow to the room. I then wondered back home before realising it was 7pm and all I’d packed was half my bike and no other gear, being the first race for a while I began to rush around the house searching for race gear, including cold weather which no doubt Geelong will be. Before I knew it the clock ticked over 9pm and still needed dinner and some packing, needless to say 10pm bedtime wasn’t ideal before a 6am flight.
Now my day, the morning routine is always the same, some lemon juice, sea salt and water before meditation time. Then I always like to get outside for 30mins or so to either jog, walk or BW exercise as I know once on the plane, there’s no fresh air for few hours.
I then get more water and apply some magnesium lotion to the legs which I find helps keep muscles relaxed. On these days always important to stay hydrated!
Once at the airport and checked in, it’s coffee time, I may have been rushed in packing but didn’t forget my plunger and MCT oil to mix/make my bulletproof coffee! One big power that paleo style living has given me is control over when and more importantly what I eat, as I don’t get those sugar lows or crashing associated with processed foods. This makes travelling easy and relaxing as I don’t fight cravings or look for junk food anymore ( it wasn’t always like this). On my stop over in Brisbane I stretched the legs and to the amazement of other commuters did some yoga. On the second flight I enjoyed some bone broth and green tea which would see me through to Melbourne where I got a nice chicken salad for the drive to Geelong.
After a day of travel I randomly decided Bikram Yoga was a good idea and turns out it was, great detox, de-stress and stretch before finally meeting my beautiful niece for the first time. well hope this helps some and if you’ve got other ideas or questions feel free to comment, for me now its family time!
Finally a quick shout out to my sponsors Paleo cafe (its thanks to there support I’m here in Geelong), Rocktape Australia , custombikefit, Living Here and Thrifty townsville for the car hire. jarrodowen.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/img_0701.jpg” alt=”IMG_0701″ class=”alignnone size-full” />