“Food is medicine or food is poison,” I have heard this saying numerous times now, however it’s not until you look more at the choices people make you realise how true it is. Yet we continue to make the same poor choices over and over again, why?

I often walk past certain fast food shops, cafes or restaurants and observe as people seemingly chose a meal based on instant gratification or worse, because its convenient or free. Perfect example when travelling, how often do you just accept the package, lifeless, but complementary food served on a plane instead of preparing your own meal and taking it with you knowing full well your going to be on the plane for a set time.

The other issue I look at is, “everything in moderation,” which makes no sense what so ever if your goal is optimal health and functionality. Sure one fast food burger or poor meal choice won’t immediately affect your fitness or weight but what does it do to your insides, places you can’t see like the GUT.

This has been an interesting topic for me over the past few years, dealing with various health issues all relating to the gut, meaning good food choices are the difference between feeling good, loving life and being active or choosing 5 mins worth of taste satisfaction for a day if not days of feeling sick, tired and lazy.

For a long period I viewed these intolerances or reactions to foods as a negative, saying ” I can’t have that”, however recently my view has changed. I now realised it’s not a matter of can’t, because that’s untrue, I can eat whatever I CHOOSE, therefor it comes back to choice, mindfulness and using previous experience. I know from previous experience foods containing gluten cause my diaphragm to spasm and it feels like a knife going through the centre of my back. Sure not all reactions are this bad but I then ask the question, if you know its unhealthy, brings you no nourishment and will leave you feeling unwell why chose it?
My answer, most people have lost the connection between body, mind & soul, try reconnecting by taking a few seconds before each meal to look down and ask, how’s this meal nourishing me? Don’t judge it, or yourself for that matter. Through this thought pattern I’m sure better choices and more importantly better connection with food will be created.
Stay well, be creative and choose to be great:-)