“Don’t try and find who you are, Decide”.
By searching for who you are, it creates a disconnection from your mind and body. By making a conscious decision like ” I’m a health coach, my goal is to facilitate others in finding health and happiness”, now I can formulate action plans to achieve this. It’s also fixed in my mind and each day can have purpose, meaning and reward.
This can also be used to find health, it’s up to you the individual to decide, I’m going to be healthier, make good food choices, move more and do good things for myself. Most people are very good at setting goals that give short term gratification, like loose x kgs in x weeks, before returning to the exact lifestyle they had, no personal growth just short term sacrifice leading to resentment towards that activity, which in this case would be food!
Instead I encourage you to sit down with pen and paper, really ask yourself, who do I want to become? What areas of my life cause unwanted stress, anxiety and resentment.
Once your completed the list, prioritise each one starting with what needs to and can be changed now? Then, put down action steps to create these changes, remember each step much resonate with you and be something your willing, passionate and able to do. Then decide; To become the person I wish to be, I must take action NOW, as without action change can not occur.
I hope this helps get you started on that next step to living the life you deserve, go get it:-)