With my first race of 2015 just over 2 weeks away in the beautiful city of Geelong, I’ve been adding some intensity to the training after enjoying a few weeks of base aerobic work. That said, I’m also very mindful that my goal races are Ironman Melbourne in March then Ironman Cairns in June so the importance of building a base and being consistent with training is important early in the season. The oppressive heat and humidity here in Townsville has also made it challenging as it doesn’t take much to get the heart rate up and body temperature as well, making pre/post training nutrition and hydration imperative for proper recovery.
During this period I’ve also seen a shift in mindset as I add structure and purpose to each session. I have the added motivation of seeing family at both Geelong and Melbourne, which in the past has had conflicting results as I feel selfish having them travel just for me to be out training, resting or racing, however realising how proud they all are, now empowers me to get the most out of each race. I encourage others to do the same, instead of viewing loss of family time due to training commitments as a reason for sacrifice and selfishness, use their support to motivate and stay committed to the task.
I’ve started to create affirmations or phrases that I can use to constantly remind myself of these choices, keeping that positive mindset is crucial when times get physically tough!
An example would be; “I have the support and belief of family and friends to attain my goals”
” I choose to embrace this journey with the support of those around me”
The important point when creating affirmations is, when said they mean something to YOU, make it personal as it should creat a good feeling inside and a sense of energy. Training the mind to cope with stress is just as important as training the physical body.