After finally getting back on top of my fatigue levels from work, life and play over the festive season, I got hit big time. It all seemed to just happen on the one day – my hardest bike session since Hawaii IM in October, backed by a similar run session in the afternoon and topped off with my first ever public speaking engagement at Paleo Cafe Townsville City.
Now all three events left me feeling energised, motivated and satisfied, especially sharing my story and knowledge on healthy living with 40+ people. Problem was, I got home at 10pm, couldn’t sleep until after 11pm then up at 3:47am to get to swim training before work. What has followed in the past 3 days has been hormonal chaos, with loss of appetite, irritability, poor digestion, poor recovery from training and all compounded by excess caffeine intake. What this has taught me, or I’ll say confirmed, is two things; sleep is soooooooo important and without it your stomach, digestion and recovery from exercise are all compromised. I’ve also noticed mental changes as well; very in decisive, lacking clarity and focus, this all came from over-doing one day. That said, over the last few months I’ve added meditation to my morning routine allowing me to be very self aware, previously I probably wouldn’t notice these changes as much or should I say be aware.
Although my diet has remained very clean that’s thanks to habit, like most I would seek high GI carbs and instant gratification foods.
However, thanks to adopting a Paleo style diet of whole foods, good quality meats, combined with fasting, controlling food is much easier now.
The main issue for me still lies with exercise or training and appreciating that mental stress can cause physical fatigue and as I’ve mentioned some hormonal chaos like anger and frustration at drop in training performance. But also I find that training becomes a mono paced drag, where I feel the need to train but don’t hit required intensities, at which stage all I’m doing is digging myself into a hole. It’s at this point where self care and good friends are important, just for that honest statement of, “go home and rest you look like crap”. It’s then up to you to take the advice and stay well.
Now its time to take my own advice and rest up as it’s only 3 weeks till my 2015 race season kicks off.
Just thought I’d include a picture of my good friend Maurice speaking at the Paleo Athlete information night, great turnout with amazing energy, thanks to all that call very grateful I could share my story and hopefully help change some lives:-)