I want to talk about finding a reason or meaning great enough to implement change, lasting change that is. I bring this up because after 10+ years of meaningless yo-yo diets aimed purely at weight loss with no real education about healthy living, my big sister has finally decided she wants more. What did it take? Well, kids and her desire to be the best mum, or more importantly role model for the lives she has been blessed with to raise. After a very long conversation about 6-8 weeks ago for which I was on the side of the road mid way through a leisurely training ride. Initially she wanted to know and change everything, TODAY! My response was as always abrupt, NO! This time the change was to be based on education and sustainability, her common response was I don’t know how to shop, cook, create healthy meals or don’t have time to prepare. Well, again I may have been a little blunt with my reply of, if you have time to watch neighbours, home and away, or any TV for that matter then surely you have time to cook! Then I reminded her of just how smart she was, cooking isn’t based on brains, it’s based on creativity and a desire to nourish the body. Slowly but surly I could hear her voice and attitude change, starting to believe that eating Healthy was a simple choice, which started in her own back yard. Veggies galore, fresh eggs, neighbouring farms and local fish shops this change was happening. Now each week she sends me photos of new foods, creations and nourishing meals that 8weeks ago were just a picture in a book.
Another point was that she implemented/started this transformation only a few weeks before Christmas and the holiday season, right when most are ok with poor choices and already accepting imminent weight gain. She has done the opposite, losing weight, gaining energy, vibrance and looking great. Starting 2015 already on a high!
To sum up I encourage you to really create a meaning and belief as to why you set each goal moving forward.
Goals shouldn’t be set based on a new year, rather a new you.
Small steps equal great change!