Over the past 12-18 months I’ve experienced a number of highs and lows, both professional and personal success matched with failure and subsequent pain.
What I’ve learnt from exploring both my own needs and that of people who have succeeded in similar situations is to surround yourself and be guided by positive, honest and educated people to whom you have great respect for. By this I don’t just mean respect for the individual but also what they represent and how they conduct or present their particular craft.
For me, this has been an interesting process, to first be honest in my own reflective process and be brutally honest and open in assessing what areas of life need to be changed and how to go about. What makes this hard is being vulnerable, allowing others into your circle of trust in order to gain advice, guidance and motivation to move past previous failures and onto a happier future.
I’ve been extremely fortunate and very grateful to have amazing people come into my life at times of need, call it what you will but if you are open to change the opportunity with present.
This list will be different based on individual needs but my mentors have been;
– chiropractor
– doctor, sport specific and shares my curiosity for optimal health
– Physio / massage again being able to come and feeling comfortable in there presence is essential
– A COACH!!! This has been a life changer for me, reinstalling confidence in my sporting ability by having structure but also moral support, advice and guidance. Not easy to find but worth persisting until you find someone that you have total faith in, especially if they are controlling 10-15, or even 20hours of your week with training plans!
– nutritional advice, this has been an interest of mine for years and again I’ve been really lucky to get great help and guidance from a local health food store here in Townsville, always helping me find ethical and effective supplements that are research based and sustainable sourced. ( no affiliation but highly recommend Healthy Life Townsville- Paul and Joanne are now great friends)
The above people have had a great influence on my health and sport performance but probably the biggest shift has come mentally over the last few months thanks to the help of a mental health coach, ( I will get Maurice to expand on this in a further post as to exactly what he does and provides) really delving into beliefs, values and purposeful goal setting. Developing a greater understanding of how and why meditation is so powerful, for all aspects of life especially times of stress, change or hardship. To find meaning in this allows progress forward instead of stagnating in the poor me phase of life.
Lastly, as I look to start health coaching myself, luckily one works at my local Paleo Cafe, she’s just completed the same course via Intergrative Nutrition that I’m studying and has been a great sound board as I enter the unknown. Her along with my good friend and the owner of Paleo cafe Townsville city, Kymbo I’ve sought there advice on a number of occasions regarding staying focused, motivated and positive towards business goals, no matter the criticism from others or worse, my own self critic!
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