As 2015 begins and everybody looks to create New Years resolutions and amazing change, I looked at reasons why people fail on their quest to reach a new self.
As a studying health coach, one of my main areas of interest is facilitating people to conduct honest self assessment and identification of possible goals – as only then can we develop a personalised plan and systematic approach to reach those goals. For a lot of people the problem lies not in the goals themselves, but in aligning their goals, beliefs and values, and then prioritising. Once you give something a meaning it then becomes important, which in turn makes it a priority. The process that follows from there is even more important as you break down the goal into manageable, achievable steps that can be implemented long term. Too many people think to create change its all or nothing, this couldn’t be further from the truth in my opinion and is one of the biggest lessons I’ve personally learnt and continue to learn in my quest to balance endurance training, racing, nutrition, work and family life. (along with starting up a health coaching business)
When setting your goals I encourage you to seek advice, support and help from those around you, make time to reflect honestly on your past and why certain changes never last.
Some things to look at might be; – negative self talk
– not preparing properly
– how you view this change eg want to vs have to
– lack of knowledge
– don’t have the ability to do it
Or lastly chose not to do it! This last point being very important in my view as it really comes down to choice and with knowledge people will generally make the decision that best serves them.
I hope this helps you start 2015 with more than just a yearly goal. Be healthy for life:-)