” To perform you don’t need to get your mind right, but have the ability to execute when your mind is saying you can’t”
Dr Phil Jauncey

I recently listened to a fantastic podcast about improving ones self in order to achieve successes in both life and business.
Firstly what made it so good? None of the questions that he posed were anything I hadn’t thought of before, yet this time I felt it really applied to me and my current life moment. It was also the context in which asked, what is your perfect day? As an ex professional athlete he likens it to a game plan, or visualising game day something clicked for me and I felt the need to write it down.
If anything was possible what would you do, Be detailed and include how certain things would make you feel! Without making this post into a book the brief outline for me would be wake up next to my girlfriend and take a moment to be grateful for the amazing life we share, that we have found each other. Then brew a freshly ground coffee, while playing some morning music to which I love to share a dance and laugh with my girl! Then I’d head out for some training, taking in the beauty of Mother Nature with a trail run. Meet back up with Tash for another coffee, then off to work, health coaching, helping guide people to realise how easy, yet rewarding a health, vibrant life can be! Another training session in the arvo, before a nice Detox yoga session with Tash. Then to share a delicious, home cooked, fresh dinner from local ingredients, while sharing stories of the day and plans for the future. A little TV maybe before heading off to bed! (Yep I’m a 33year old grandpa who goes to bed about 8:30pm each night)
So that’s roughly my day, from there I can add more details, specific times, people, meals etc… And really create this day in my mind.
Next was on a business front, I’m currently studying and really excited to be entering into the Health coaching world (part time) as I look to help those around me regain there health. But it comes with challenges that I didn’t expect like starting this blog and believing in ones own knowledge! Setting specific goals based on core values and beliefs? These two questions for me seem to be the hardest, the ones I resist answering for some reason. But that’s why I’m persisting and putting myself outside the comfort zone in new and exciting ways, as it leads to amazing personal growth!