Until recently, I viewed creativity as a gene that I missed out on as I couldn’t draw, paint, play music, dance or do any of the activities that I believed were associated with creativity. Then while listening to a podcast, it dawned on me that creativity comes in many more forms – one being this very blog post! Ironically, once I wrote down the word creativity and actually looked at it from a perspective of what it means to me, what are ways creativity can bring nourishment and joy to my life not feel like something that’s a chore to do.
As always, this will be different for everyone and I encourage you to write it down and self explore. Some ideas and results for me were activities like yoga, lifting weights, running,
dancing (although not in public), and cooking are just some to consider.
So this holiday season, find some activities that bring you joy and do them free of expectation, fear of failure or judgement (self/others), involve the family or friends. I also encourage you to make this a goal for 2015, to keep the fun factor in life even when things get busy.
I’d also like to suggest that when creating goals for 2015, first reflect on this year past and base them on areas of your life that have meaning or bring nourishment to you. Try to avoid things that can’t be measured or are negative / restrictive by nature and look to things that bring good and positive energy to your life. Examples might be once a week hosting friends and cooking a new meal, getting up 20mins earlier and start some yoga, deep breathing or tai chi exercises which really bring calm to a busy world. My favourite though is putting your phone in airplane mode each night before bed and not turning it on until 1-2hrs after waking. This allows you to start each day with your thoughts not someone else’s.
Above all enjoy, laugh, smile and dance the year away….