Just to clarify yes I am sponsored by my local/regional Paleo cafe meaning I’m a proud ambassador and advocate of the Paleo LIFESTYLE! that said all content that I post here will be fact and based on my experience and research. My aim is not to convince people to adopt a certain diet, rather embrace a healthy lifestyle by getting back in touch with their body.
So with that said I wanted to pose three questions regarding a smooth healthy transition to a Paleo style diet and lifestyle;
– Firstly; identify any digestive issues and address them accordingly. As I’ve mentioned previously this is best done under the supervision of a holistic doctor who can provide a personalised diagnosis (no such thing as a quick fix here). I speak to and read of so many people giving up on this lifestyle right when they are about to get the most benefits – so if you can monitor via tests, the guesswork is removed. Things to look for can include stomach acid levels and bacterial overgrowth.
– Secondly; look at enzyme production, this is something I had problems with and looking back would definitely take my doctors advice on using some supplemental support. This can be caused by a few factors like bacterial overgrowth leading to nutritional deficiency, chronic STRESS both physical/mental and refined or processed foods.
– Lastly but possibly most important is Inflammation; again this can come from a number of lifestyle factors, infections or disease and for most that lead a busy, high stress lifestyle it’s a great place to start.

Some vitamins, herbs and digestion support that I’m currently looking into to help overcome my issues with certain foods are digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotic, gut lining (or re-lining) and how to balance these out. Thanks to Paul from Healthy life Townsville I’m also learning the importance of timing and combining these products.

To sum up if you are looking for another quick fix diet, this will work for some and not for others, (no surprise there) however done properly by adopting, embracing and seeking the best way for YOU to adopt this lifestyle will led to the greatest long term success. When doing this, create a support network of friends and family, making your plans or goals clear to all involved.